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Group 2: Making progress

 Since our last blog we have had great progress with our simulator. We have finished both the car and the background, the programming part is also soon to be finished. We have combined all of our individual work and put it into one file that we are currently working on. The formula that we are using works like expected and we are getting realistic results on all surfaces. Therefore we are now perfecting our simulator by adding details and fixing small issues with the car.

Since we are so close to completing our simulator we are discussing if we should expand the simulator to include other situations, for example our physics teacher from last year suggested to add the possibility to simulate braking on an ascent or descent. This is more advanced physics and it will not be easy to include, but we will take it into consideration if we have the time to do it.

Now we just have to fix some minor issues with the simulator, the backgrounds is one of them. We want the car to continue on one long track instead of disappearing and reentering from the beginning. It should not be very difficult to fix and should not take too much of our time.

We are very excited for the final result and we hope that the simulator turns out as good as we hope!