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Group 4: The corn is loose!

After two months of hard work, we are finally finished with our iTEC5 project. And it turned out great!! We managed to make a presentable demo of the game, featuring two functioning levels as well as informationparts. The truth is we actually first planned to make an 8 level full game, but we soon realised that would never be possible. It is not easy to be a gamedeveloper, as well as being a student during the final year of videregående, and we learned a whole lot about gamemaking.

Probably the first thing we learned was how important a good planing of the process is. The first thing we did was to sit down and sort out ideas and functioning for the whole game, as well as drawing sketches and figures before we started to program and develop by computer. It made the whole thing much easier, because everyone knew how the game would look and work from the start.
The secound thing we learned was the importance of sharing tasks between the members of the group. If everyone should have worked with the same thing at every point, we would never been able to finnished the first level. We also learned how many factors there are making a game. You have to think about how the user will feel during the game, which elements suits the chosen audience, and how we can make the functionality as easy and effective as possible. We used the Construct2 to develop the game, so we also learned a lot about how this program works.

Right now, the game contains two full levels, but they are not fully developed. The corn still dont have legs or arms, and the enemies in level one are not yet moving as they should. Also, the character is not designed for the secound level, as it does not look in the right direction. We also don’t have the characters blinking and a map that shows the user where hes at in the digestive system. However, the game is actually useable, and it contains music and figures made by the group itself. The game is a fun experience, and if you want to try it, just click on the link below:

(Link will be coming soon)

Ådne, Sjur, John, Nina

Group 1: The game is «done»!

During the course of the school year 2013/2014, the IKT- serivicefag and Information technology 2 were a part of a project called iTEC. iTEC is the abbreviation Innovative Technologies for an Engaging Classroom, which is an 4-year long project led by the European Schoolnet. The goal with the iTEC-project is that the students are supposed to develop new and appropriate ways to use the technology in school.
ITEC contributes to form the future classroom through planning and conduct educational programs which are being tested and evaluated in large scales in European secondary schools.
Mathematics and science is the most important professional priority areas in ITEC, but other subjects and interdisciplinary cooperation will also play a big part.
Participant schools and teachers are given a certain amount of freedom to form the educational programs themselves, so that they are in compliance with infrastructure and competence in school.


Making a game like what we had in mind was a little ambitious, we met several different challenges in terms of making the game, planning the game and figuring out how we were supposed to make it. The biggest challenge we met when developing the game was keeping with the time schedule, near the end we began to struggle with finishing the game as we planned to make mini games inside the videogame itself which took a lot of time and effort to accomplish.
During the project we used digital tools like photoshop, Construct 2 and paint.

– Cooperation
Gøran did the programming
Silje, Andreas, Jostein, Gøran made sprites
Silje, Andreas, Jostein, Gøran wrote the blog posts.

– Result, what we would do if we had more time.

Expanded on the stealth parts of the game, adding more enemies, making the game longer, adding more story and functions in order to make the gameplay a little more interessting.

Here is the game:

– Andreas Endrestad Storødegård
– Gøran Jackobsen Ekerback
– Silje Rohaugen Jonsen
– Jostein Alnes

Group 3: Finished

We have been working on the project for two months and now we are done. The result turned out fine, the game is not completely done, but the basics are there. The project has been a great experience, alot of fun and of course difficult at times. Construct 2 was an «ok» tool to use, we had not used it before so that was a challenge. One thing we would add, if we hade more time, is the option to choose between addision, subtraction, multiplication  and division. Also to change the difficulty of the math problems you get.

If you get a chance please try our game and tell us what you think. Here is a link to our game:

Here is a picture of the game:


Group 2 : Finished

We have worked on the project for two months now, and we have finally completed our project. We are very satisfied with the result and feel we have managed to create a functional and educational braking distance simulator.

The design of the simulator is overall conducted and the user interface is very user friendly. Please give our simulator a try and give us feedback on what you think.

The game: 

The gang
IMG_20140530_095928 (1)