Group 4: Hard time on level one!

So, we’ve already done quite a lot since the last post.

The idea around «a digestive-game» gave us a lot to think about, for example whether or not we wanted the game to look realistic or cartoonish. We also sat down, the four of us, and started to picture what we wanted the first level to look like. The first level takes place in the mouth, where the corn(the players character) has to escape chewing jaws and fearsome spit. We decided to make the graphics cartoonish and almost anime-like. That way we didnt have to portray the different parts of the body precisely.

Each groupmember started to work on tasks related to the first level.
John started to make some backgrounds for the first level. He used Photoshop to make a smooth and textured background, similar to the inside of someones cheek.

Sjur started to work on the different codes used in the first level. By putting in simple colored blocks in Construct 2 and giving them specific behaviours, he was able to lay code to the game before we put in the characters

Ådne and Nina started to draw different characters, foes and elements for the first level. They used Photoshop and Flash to draw the things on free hand. Nina first designed and drew the spit-foe, and Ådne first designed and drew the corn.
Ådne has also been composing some of the music for the game.




This is a picture of Ådne working on the corn!

However, we are actually having quite a hard time on the first level. Even though the most of it is done, finnishing the level craves much work, and a great lot of coding and programing. But thats just something we have do deal with. On the other hand, Construct 2 has not been very friendly to us yet, a lot is not working as intended. But we will do our best, and hopefully manage to finnish the first level in less than one week.

If you want to see some screenshots and other pictures, continue to scroll down! 🙂

– Ådne, Sjur, Nina and John.


This is the corn, currently without arms and legs.
– By Ådne.


This is how the first level look so far. As you might see, we are a bit far from done!
– By John, Sjur, Nina and Ådne.



This is the spit-foe for the first level! Looks scary!
– By Nina


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