Group 3: The Beginning

Group 3: Simen, Halvard, Are and Joakim

We started to discuss what the purpose of the game should be. We looked at other games for inspiration.

We then decided to make a “problem solving game”.
The purpose of the game is to solve mathematics quistions as fast as possible. The questions will pop up on the screen and the player will have to write the answer. Multiplication, division, subtraction and addition will be the different categories to choose from, you can also change the difficulty.

First of all the game is ment for students in Primary School, but the opportunity to choose the difficulty of the game also directs the game to older students.
The game will take place on a running track, you will control a character who is slowly moving forward. You will race against other people or the computer. As said before the purpose will be to answer math questions as fast as possible. If your answer is correct  your speed will increase, if your answer is wrong your speed will decrease. Crossing the finish line first is of course the main objective.
Now we are going to make trial versions of the game, and figure out how to make the game work.

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